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Explorewell's maiden podcast voyage!

Explorewell has launched its first podcast in the iTunes store! You can find it here. Join me in a conversation with designers Amanda Buck and Will Holman who were gracious enough to be my guinea pig interviewees a few weeks ago (and in other good news, between recording and posting, they got engaged and moved to Baltimore!). We discuss all things from work-life balance, self-promotion, freelance life and work processes.

A bit of a candid note: this was my first podcast so there is loads of room for improvement, but one must start somewhere and learn by doing. I hated to let a good conversation go to waste because of a could-be-better recording. So hang in there, they’ll only get better with practice! 

For reference and credit-giving, a few of the links mentioned in conversation are: 
Jonathan Harris on Creative Mornings
Kyle Bragger’s “Stop working (so hard)” article on Medium
Iceberg App

Happy listening!

Podcast: Design Talk with Josh Lafayette

Podcast: Design Talk with Josh Lafayette